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Use storytelling to build relationships with content marketing or native advertising. Our presentation enables readers to distinguish between editorial and branded content produced by, or on behalf of advertisers.

This type of content marketing encompasses the production and distribution of text, imagery and/or audio material that is relevant, compelling and of real value to a particular audience.


Why content marketing?

  • Build brand awareness and establish credibility
  • Generate leads
  • Capitalise on market developments in real time
  • Align your brand with a topic or trend
  • Explain technical advances
  • Drive traffic to conferences or stands at exhibitions

Give your marketing a new dimension

Content marketing on tradewindsnews.com includes the placement of an image and headline on our homepage. Placements reside in the news feed for two weeks, in one of two fixed positions, plus distribution also includes the placement at the bottom of every news article published on the website.

Your content also appears listed under the ‘Content Marketing’ section of the homepage.


“Not only is TradeWinds a credible source of shipping information, it also lets us know what our competitors are up to and delivers news we don’t see anywhere else.”

Helge Aamodt
CFO, Bergshav Management AS


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