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What are the online advertising options?

TradeWinds offers banner advertising on the news website, updated with reporting different form the weekly newspaper on a 24-hour basis. Sections, including a Chinese language site, offer a unique way of putting you message across to a highly targeted audience.

In addition there are options for Jobs ads, advertising on our Daily and Weekly newsletters, as well as Interstitials, Splash and Article page banners our Apps for offline reading.

What is CPM?

TradeWinds charges online advertising by CPM (Cost per Mille or cost per thousand). This means online advertising is purchased on the basis of how many times the ad is shown to one thousand viewers. The CPM method offers customers guaranteed ad views, and we can supply detailed reports on when and where the ad is shown. An ad impression is only counted when more than 50% of the ad is visible on the readers screen.

Online campaigns such a News Update banners, TradeWinds Jobs banners and the Chinese language site banners are sold on a period base charge.

What do you mean by fully paid subscriptions?

TradeWinds only claim subscribers paid at full term, unlike most other industry publications. We also document it fully by applying for an ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) certificate on an annual basis. With readers paying over USD$1000 a year, we know they’ll take time to read us. We have more readers than anyone else in the industry, with a global spread unsurpassed in the industry, because we’re their most trusted source of shipping news, information and opinion.

Our readers catch up on our news, no matter where they are, because they know they can turn to us for independent, critical journalism free from advertorials and commercial interest.

What is TW+?

TW+ is TradeWinds quarterly glossy magazine. It’s perfect for corporate style branding, with its longer shelf life and high quality print. Focusing on the influential people in the industry, it captures the reader’s attention in a mind-frame also beyond the day-to-day hard business decisions.

Artwork must be CMYK, 300dpi and include 3 mm bleed with crop marks.

Why a Module system for display ads?

The printing area on each page measures 374*246 millimetres. TradeWinds has adopted a module system for standardization of our advertising space on display pages. This allows for a very flexible offer of ad sizes and the possibility to meet most budget requirements.

Each page is divided into 5 columns, each of which is sectioned horizontally in 5 modules.

Each module can also be divided in half. Find your ad’s module size and rate by finding the corresponding size on the module chart.

The size closest to an A4 page is module 44, measuring 291 mm high * 196 mm wide. Advertisements higher than 4 modules will be placed and invoiced as a full column height and please note that full page ads (374mm*246mm) will be placed without a folio line.

What is CMYK?

TradeWinds offset printing uses the CMYK color model (process color, four color). CMYK refers to the four inks used: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black).

TradeWinds is printed with our signature News Blue colour, and the press is calibrated to accommodate for the blue background so when supplying artwork (high resolution, 180dpi or more) there is no need to adjust for it. Advertisers may be concerned about printing white, but an optical illusion will represent photos and illustrations in a natural manner.

We cannot accept RGB separated artwork and please remember that text may appear jagged is produced in grayscale or as CMYK. Font sizes less than 6 point and in negative have a higher risk of misregistration.