A trusted source of influence - TradeWinds Advertising

The most trusted
channels in shipping

With more channels than ever at your disposal, TradeWinds can tailor
a truly integrated campaign. Maximum impact to a targeted audience,
at just the right frequency – delivering unrivalled value for money.


TradeWinds is immediately recognisable as being among the most established international brands in shipping.

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Our constantly updated news website attracts a large global audience and allows you to control where, when and how your adverts are seen.

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TW+ Magazine

With its singularly wider appeal, TW+ allows you
to get to know the key personalities in shipping
and what they are thinking.

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Jobs & Classified

To advertise jobs, vessels for sale, events or announcements
to shipping’s key players and talent.

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News Updates

An ideal forum to build
targeted campaigns, precisely
aligned to your audience.

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With the industry constantly on the move, you can speak directly to your audience via TradeWinds Apps.

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Not just a news service, TradeWinds hosts, and is a trusted presence at, some of the industry’s most influential events.

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