Get noticed with a
print campaign

Immediately recognisable, TradeWinds is one of the most established international brands in shipping and we’re still in print because we remain committed to giving you choice. Enhanced by our ePaper and digital channels, the ‘blue paper’ is still one of the best way to reach the people in your sector with real spending power.

The weekly ePaper has an open rate of over 10,000 per month.

High impact positions

Be seen first. Choose prime positions next to the big stories (pages 3,5,7,9 plus the front and back page)

Market sections

Visibility in our market sector news pages will help you achieve specialist impact for your business.

Business focuses

Target high-level thinkers in every field in shipping with our in-depth features and expert analysis.


An insert or outsert distributed with the newspaper is a great, cost effective way to grab instant attention.

Newspaper – rates for popular sizes

Choose your region:

Module 55 (full page)

Size W 246 x H 374mm

Per insertion

Module 35B, Half page

Size W 246 x H 181 mm

Per insertion

Front page (monthly only)

Size W 246 x H 71 mm

Per insertion

Module 15

Size W 246 x H 71 mm

Per insertion

Module 15B

Size W 246 x H 36 mm

Per insertion

Module 24

Size W 196 x H 144 mm

Per insertion

Module 44 (A4)

Size 196 x H 291 mm

Per insertion

Module 23B (quarter page)

Size 146 x H 107 mm

Per insertion

Module 13B

Size W 146 x H 36 mm

Per insertion

For full flexibility, we have 45 different sizes to choose from to suit your campaign and budget. Contact us for further details.

Select from our most popular ad sizes and get them sent to your inbox. We also offer flexible, custom size campaigns.

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